Your Favorite Pony Stations,
All In One Place.

iPonyRadio is the one stop shop to listen to ALL your favorite pony music stations!

We showcase only the most premium stations of Pony Media!

Currently we have a beautiful offering for iOS 6.1, and we're working to get it on your older iOS devices.

The Android version is FINALLY HERE! It's definitely a 1.0 release, but we're working on it! Expect rapid updates!

There's a desktop version now too! It works on ALL patforms, although there's no updater, and it's not finished, so check back for new updates!

For you Windows Phone users, we have some code in the works, but it's not too far along, so keep your ears up and your hooves pounding!

As always, it costs $10/year to keep this site, and the backbone of the app up, and Apple charges $99/year to keep the app in the App Store, so PayPal donations and Patreon contributions are always welcome! (And those who donate more than $5 to PayPal (or Pateron? Not sure how to handle donations there...) will get a key/gift for no ads when we impliment the feature

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